WIN and WIN Big


Our people, tools, processes, and methods all support clients trying to win more business in competitive markets. 75% of our work is for clients we have served for over 15 years. We strive to build a relationship of trust with every client, for the long-term. Our clients know we put their interests ahead of our interests. The majority of our clients want to remain anonymous. We respect their decision. The individuals below have given us permission to publicly acknowledge our work for them.

Todd Leap, Chief Operating Officer (COO), 7Delta, Inc.
Todd Leap
Chief Operating Officer (COO), 7 Delta
Mike Sawyers, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), 7Delta, Inc.
Mike Sawyers
Chief Executive Officer (CEO), 7 Delta
Jonathan Studdard, President, 7Delta, Inc.
Jonathan Studdard
President, 7 Delta
Bernhard Schmid, Vice President – Federal Division, Advanced Systems Design, Inc. (ASD).
Bernhard Schmid
Vice President - Federal Division, Advanced Systems Design (ASD)

Time is too valuable to waste

Consultants who truly deserve your trust
are those who will never have the courage to lie to you
about your chances to WIN government contracts.